Help for Hand Numbness with Chiropractic Care

Our modern lifestyles can result in repetitive motion injuries. As a result, numbness in the hands is becoming increasingly common.

Numbness in the hands is usually caused by pressure on the nerves or blood vessels. Some patients also have a tingling or burning sensation in their hands. This numbness can progress to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by the compression of the median nerve.

Typically, hand numbness is directly related to work and/or lifestyle. Common causes are improper ergonomics, poor posture or overexertion.

Chiropractic care addresses the core problem by relieving pressure on the nerves, retraining the muscles and using strengthening exercises to prevent further injuries.

It’s important to seek care for numbness in the hands to prevent further problems. Dr. LeGat and his team will assess your problem and help you make changes to your lifestyle that will alleviate hand numbness or pain as well as prevent it from occurring again.

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