Often when you are in a car accident, your injuries aren’t obvious right away. That’s because soft tissue injuries are the most common problem after automobile accidents, and they typically don’t show up in x-rays or other scans.

If you feel stiff or sore, you likely have soft tissue damage caused by the force of the impact. Even minor car accidents with limited damage to the car can cause soft tissue damage to the driver and passengers.

The most common soft tissue injury from a car accident is whiplash, which is the destabilization of the spine after a sudden movement of the head. Neck pain is the most common side effect of whiplash, but you also may experience blurred vision, headaches, reduced range of motion or pain in other areas such as your shoulder, arm or lower back.

Chiropractic care specifically addresses the problems associated with car accident injuries, including stretched ligaments, tendons, muscle damage, nerves, bones and connective tissue.

In addition to relieving pain, Dr. LeGat can recommend exercises, massage or other treatments. If you are experiencing any stiffness or soreness after a car accident, don’t suffer more than you have to. Treatment allows your body to begin healing itself and improves recovery time. Contact us today.